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Call for Materials – 1956

Yesterday, I sent out a call for any information and materials from our second year, 1949.  I had some great conversations with a few alums about how to best contact FMMs from that corps and worked out some details about narrowing down when we held our first public performance.

Today, I’d like to help fill in another year that has limited materials: 1956.  This year is tricky, because it’s the last of our pre-Championship years that is pretty scarce on information.  So far, we have an audio recording from an unknown performance date, scattered information from Building the Green Machine, and some Chicago Tribune articles detailing the State and National AL championships.

I am having difficulty tracking down the following information:

  • Member/staff rosters
  • Photos
  • Any film, if it exists
  • Schedules/Scores (not including the Illinois AL Championship finals)
  • Repertoire
  • Significant milestones (not including our Illinois AL Championship)
  • Oral histories/memories of the season, written or recorded

If you have any of the above 1956 materials, please consider submitting them at to support The Cavaliers Alumni Association and our quest to comprehensively preserve our corps history.

SPLOOIE, as always.


~Nathan Huxtable

CAA Historian

Cavaliers FMM, 2015-2017

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